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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is an integral part on our site. This is an essential part of every site where the user is securely informed on how our site values the trust of our users and to freely navigate the site without any hesitation. Privacy is always our topmost priority. This is also a venue to inform all the users about their right to privacy. Privacy policy is the assurance of the user from public disclosure of any personal information obtained by the site from them. It is the site responsibility to carefully keep the confidentiality of the users’ data even if it was obtained through voluntary request. Rest assured that the site will pay enough attention to the privacy of the users in the best possible means that we can.


Privacy of Personal Information


It is important that our site builds trust to our users. Obtaining information freely from the users means that they trust our site. Our site makes a lot of effort in safeguarding all the personal information given by our users. We see to it that all the information that our users voluntarily give to us will never be use publicly in any form and whatever purpose. We make sure that all the information that we gather is within the bounce of the privacy policy and only authorized personnel are allowed to see or check it for important reasons. Therefore, our site sees to it that privacy of information is very integral to us.


Personal Choice


Our site may be requesting some forms to be filled out by our users for important reasons. We usually use the details to contact our visitors for valid reasons such as sending updates or answering queries. However, we make sure that we never forced our users to sign any forms in our site, hence giving them enough freedom to decide whether or not they’re willing to provide us their personal information. All the information that we acquire from the users are originally given by them through voluntary acceptance.


Use of Information


The use of any personal information from our users is made sure that it is within the privacy policy set by our site to our users. We always assure our end users that whatever personal data that we have gathered from them will only be utilized for a very important purpose. In case that we need to reached them for technical reasons or send them updates or newsletters we make sure that only authorized person from the site is allowed to see those personal information. Another is that we fully assure our visitors that we will never share nor disclose any information for any other purpose aside from those stated in this privacy policy.