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FTP Solution: Fastest Way to Transfer Large Files

👤 🕔 July 14, 2014 0

File Transfer Protocol or otherwise known as the FTP is considered to be one of the greatest inventions to make ones file transfer activities a lot easier and faster. But what is FTP anyway? The simplest definition is it’s a client-server architecture in which it facilitates large transfer of files over the Internet or from one host to another in a fast paced manner. There are a lot of FTP solutions available, depending on one’s needs, it can be a complex FTP solution or just a simple one that is for free and can be downloaded by just anyone. Is there such thing as free FTP solution? Yes there is, one good example is the FileZilla. So what’s great about FileZilla FTP? What advantages can one get out of it?

FTP solutions are widely used by professionals especially if their job entails them to handle large amount of files. Jobs in which its nature requires online transfer of files. Experts and frequent users of FTPs find this software beneficial and one of its greatest benefits is it aids in transferring of bulk or large files fast and easy. Professionals and businessmen prefer the use of FTP as it can save a lot of hours every week. Imagine waiting for your files to be uploaded or downloaded over the Internet for about 9 minutes per transaction, if you sum every minute spent waiting every week, it will waste a big amount of time of your business. This is where FTP comes in. Users will simply have to upload their files in a single folder and that’s it! The next activities and transactions, users will just have to grab files in it.

Aside from fast transfer experience, another good reason to use FTP solution such as FileZilla is it helps you save money and refrains you from spending too much of printing and shipping documents! In business perspective, the use of FTP will make your business progressive in the sense that it can improve collaboration. FTP software’s allow sending of files to everyone and vice versa. So what you thought was impossible back in the old days is now possible. FTP is more than just an efficient file transfer tool, this is in fact an acting virtual filing cabinet.

Yes, this tool can serve as your additional file storage wherein files can easily be accessed and stored yet still be safe and out of reach from suspicious people. If you need your colleagues to access your files, you can do so. If however you’re hesitant to store all your files due to possible system crash or hardware failure, fret not for FTP’s allow backing up of files which are really intended for unwanted hardware failures or crashes.  FTP solution such as FileZilla is a must have software. So download FileZilla now and reap the benefits it has to offer.

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